Corporate Social Responsibility

Arif Habib Limited (AHL) is a firm believer in sustainable development. We try and achieve this by maximising profits through building strong relationships with partners, employees and shareholders, but at the same time giving back to the community as a whole. At AHL, we prioritise contribution towards the enrichment of the lives of our communities and the people of Pakistan. Corporate philanthropy and contribution towards noble social causes is a means to this, which allows us to give back to the people around us. As a responsible citizen of the business community, We are actively working with local bodies and authorities to find ways in which we can assist with various social programs and development projects.

AHL is in constant collaboration with various social welfare projects. This includes our continued cooperation with the Memon Medical Institute Hospital (MMIH), a donor funded project of the Memon Health and Education Foundation (MHEF). MMIH is a public welfare project which “serves people regardless of their caste, creed, color, religion or ability to pay”. In addition to this, we are also involved with the Jinnah Foundation Memorial Trust. This is a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) established in 1989 in the memory of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, which focuses on “human development in the field of primary education and health”. Our association with these charitable entities re-emphasizes our commitment towards social development.

In addition to this, we are focused on working towards the progression of our industry and are constantly involved in corporate development initiatives. We believe the cornerstone to success is constant development, and are committed to working tirelessly on enhancing the development and advancement of events and projects that directly result in the progress of the sector.
This year, AHL’s contribution held the key objective of promoting investment in Pakistan and gearing towards the development of our capital markets. Some of the initiatives either taken by us or having our involvement were:
• Shaping the Capital Market of Pakistan – PSX event in Peshawar
• The All About Family Investments – Dawn Lifestyles 2016
• A series of road shows promoting investments in Pakistan stock market
• The promotion of Pakistan’s case for re-classification into MSCI Emerging Markets
The Company has also contributed to the exchequer by paying an amount of PKR 150,422,041 in direct and indirect taxes during the year.

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