Investment Strategy of Onself
(Self Investment Profiling)

Before committing yourself as an investor to any investment, it is imperative that one should have clear and identifiable Objective and Constraints (Investor self profiling). Doing so ensures that the investor commits his/her funds in the most rational manner. Actually most of us haven’t actually started framing an IPS (Investment Portfolio Statement) for our self at all. We are driven by thoughts like:

  • – Do we need to do this?
  • – Can’t we directly jump into trading without all this?
  • – This only works for sophisticated investors and not for us

We all should devote some of our investing time in framing the individual IPS (or get someone do it for us). We are here to give an over view only to the different ingredients of what goes into making a good IPS and how is it useful to all of us.

To state it in one line, IPS is a document which identifies one’s Investment Objectives and Constraints. Why are you investing? What are your goals? How much risk can you bear?

Once you understand the purpose, IPS will sound more Relevant and Interesting to you. It’s more Process Oriented, Less Mathematical and No Formula or Technicalities. Basically it summarizes the relevant fact and concludes the investment strategy of one self.


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